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Substance and Faith Ministries , Inc

Words of Wisdom

If we are to be ambassadors of Christ's love, we must first know what real love is.

Secondly we must know how to transmit love in word and deed indeed.

The heart that gets satisfied is a heart at peace and rest.

A dissatisfied heart will never be satisfied untill it gets what it wants.

Likewise a satisfied heart will always be satisfied or at peace when it gets what it needs.

The human heart or spirit is a vast empire. It is drawn to what it likes best, good or evil, or some of both which is salt water and sweet water mixed and therefore corrupt.

When the human heart is changed and reborn by the Holy Spirit it has such great capacity, but the old habits try to draw it back to conform to the old self.

In order to get it to conform to a new self it must be restricted to a new diet of reconditioning ( Ouch! Ouch! ).

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