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Substance and Faith Ministries,Inc

Wisdom & Love

From the lips of my Spirit rolled

pen and ink, these words so distinct.

They are on paper now to form word

pictures so to think.

Perfect and precise each one to flow

for all humankind to know.

How a loving God to mankind to show

what character He is of and what strength

from above.

These words are peaceable and true, sent down for me and you.

Words of Wisdom

To rescue the perishing and care for the dying requires a great capacity of love.

Not a love without action, but a love of action.

Therefore love is and has to be the catalyst by which action is the soundboard, the doing of love in which the words of love are translated into a substance that can be heard, seen, felt, touched, and tasted by the natural senses so as to have these senses gratified.

If none of the human senses are gratified then either love was not given or was not received.

A closed heart can not receive love on any plane, nor give it.

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