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Substance and Faith Ministries , Inc

5-30-2011 Prophecies 5-30-2011

The time has come to let satan have his way with the unholy people. It's time that their works be revealed.

For I have a place,a hiding place for those loyal of heart to my name and my word ,who have not bowed their knee to the new Baal(the new world system).

Look now and see how I have hidden you in me and me in thee,for the time has also come to separate the wheat from the chaff that my extreme blessings come upon you and them that have not bowed their knee. Blessings of Super abundance,peace,joy,prosperity,love,patience,comfort,goodwill and loyalty.

This begins a time of great sorrow for the unholy and the profane.The economy shall dive uncontrollably mid- summer 2011.There will be ne remedy for the sinners who would not take my name.

Ther is great panic in the financial district because of their uncertain wealth.In one week people will lose their whole life savings in the stock market because they trusted in their riches and not me.

Panic will ensue for the dread of the situation at hand

Tennessee will rein in its financial belt and overcome the situation through prayer and a firm belief in God,the protector and provider,(A green state indeed)

Total government disarray of a quick solution will lose the confidence of the populace and usher in new government reform to no avail.

But my people who are really living by faith will shine with a brightness never seen before in the church while the world watches in amazement as I move only through my people with real faith, God is Alive. Amen. S.B.B.

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