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Substance and Faith Ministries , Inc

Prophecies 4/18/2008

The earth will be shaken in the financial markets, and people who have trusted in their riches shall fall.

Kings will pray for answers and have none.

{ But I have sent you ahead of the time that they may change their affairs so as to avoid calamity and to set their houses in order before that time.}

The heathen do rage but come to nothing.

Saudi Arabia will be a stumbling block this year, by way of the oil markets.

My sword will be swung in the United States for good, although those that be not of faith will writhe in pain for the cutting there of.

The key to this time is faith over all you see or hear or think. Communication with me is vital, absolutely necessary.

May they who read these words be encouraged by God's delivering power and fix themselves unmovable in the Word of God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. These words are already coming to pass and will not fall to the ground. Humbly, SB

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