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Substance and Faith Ministries,Inc

Prophecies by SB

Dearth will begin in spring of 2005.

Diesel fuel will become very expensive.

Food prices will shoot up drastically because of shipping costs.

Land owners will be at a premium because of crops and livestock.

Massive unemployment will occur.

Taxes will go lower because of unemployment, some will be deferred.

Government will downsize.

Many shall not be able to stand and will commit suicide ( spiritual, mental, physical ).

Many christians will faint from the way because of the pressure.

Prophecies continued

America will be attacked by an outside source but will prevail.

Hearts will fail for lack of sustenance.

Bodies will crumble because of faithlessness.

The faberic of America will be torn in two.

None shall escape My sharp sword, but I will deliver him whose heart is fixed on Me.

The cities will be like deep cesspools, mire thicker than clay because of their lust ( intense presure, intense desire ).

{ But I have set My hand upon you for deliverance to them that will hear you }. 6/04/2004

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