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Substance and Faith Ministries , Inc

Faith Continued...

Faith can not be based on what you're going through, only on what God has told you.

Sometimes you must suspend all reason and popular thinking to believe what God has said because those things may be contrary to what God has said.

Giving heed to situations can and does give rise to doubt and double mindedness and thus negating faith and rendering it useless.

If we try to believe what God has told us and the situation at hand or part of it, we render faith useless, dead. That is double mindedness.

Faith must be faith and only faith to work. If not our instability appears.

The situation can not and must not dictate what you believe ( i.e. your faith ). Your faith or your belief must come from and be based on only what God has told you.

It took the proper set of circumstances to produce the right kind of pressure needed for the desired result ( faith ).


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